As a woman and a single mom in America, I have tended to care for others before myself. Anyone else? Lol.
The past few years I’ve been focused on learning to know, trust and love myself. And, self-care is an essential piece of this.
I had to get over the thoughts that I was “taking time” away from someone or something else by doing something nice for myself and REWRITE these thoughts so they became supporting beliefs.
Some rewrites:
  • I deserve to be cared for as much as my child.
  • I have more time and energy to give when my cup is full.
  • Self-care is important to me.
  • I am worthy of as much care and love as everyone else on the planet.
  • I am a better parent when I take care of myself.
Some of these seemed shocking and extreme at first. It took energy, time and effort before these ideas took hold as beliefs and started to become a way of thinking that changed my life.
And there were surprises in practicing self-care. One of the biggest ones is that I am actually starting to like cleaning… or rather, I like a tidy house. So I clean because I know that having a tidy house will make me feel better.
Doing things that make me feel better are radical acts of self-care. So, apparently, now I clean willingly and even a bit joyfully.
When I define self-care as doing what makes me feel good long term, it’s easier to take good care of myself, my loved ones and my home.
Today I bought a $4 bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s because they made me smile. And, smiling every time I see them for the next week is worth waaay more than the money I spent.
What self-care routines are important to you?? We could all use some new ideas!