“I’m proud to be your mom.”
This one simple phrase has turned out to be the single most important thing that I can say to my teen.
It’s not contingent on accomplishments, achievements, choices or actions.
Just him being him is enough for me to be proud of.
In the tumultuous teen years, where we explore to learn who we are and who we’re not, where we make mistakes and learn accountability, we all need reassurance that who we are, exactly as we are, is enough.
I think that we as parents generally tell our kids we love them- and they need to hear that lots, especially that we love them no matter what. But often our pride in them is tied to something they did. Which often keeps them trying to “do” something to make us proud.
Knowing that we are proud to be their parent just because of *who they are* sends the message that they are enough. Just as they are. Who doesn’t need that kind of reassurance?
What do you say to your kids that matters to them? What did your parents say to you that made a difference?