This journey of self-love has included learning to love my body. Sooooo many of us grow up with hangups around body image.
This is something that impacts ALL of us, not just girls and women.
Even though I’ve been consciously working on accepting, embracing and loving this incredible body of mine, shit still comes up!
This fall I did a photo shoot with a dear friend- @emilyfarthingart. I scheduled it. I wanted photos for my website. Aaaannnnndddd, when the day arrived, I was SUPER nervous.
All the “not enoughness” from decades reared their heads. And I spent all day slaying those dragons with intentional thoughts.
When I met up with Emily, I told her about it- saying our vulnerabilities out loud to trusted friends always helps take away their power.
Emily response has stuck with me ever since. “Every woman deserves to have a picture that makes her feel beautiful.”
Indeed. Thank you, @emilyfarthingart, and thank you universe for another opportunity for growth!
What makes you feel beautiful? How do you slay the “not enoughness” dragons?