When I decided to take the leap, go after my dreams and become an entrepreneur, most of the adults I told were mortified. “What about health insurance?” “Can you afford to do that?!” So many people that love me and mean well, just STOMPING on my dream.

Me stepping out of the box challenges their view of the world.

When I told teens, both my son and my students, the reaction was very different. “I think it’s awesome that you’re going after your dreams.” “I’m proud of you.” “I hope your dreams come true.”

And I realized something…

When we are very young, we are told that we can BE anything and DO anything. ANYTHING! That is an amazing gift. The gift of dreaming BIG!

Then somewhere along the line, usually in high school, we are told that our BIG dreams aren’t realistic. We can’t “make a living” doing that. That dream will never pay the bills!

And well-meaning adults “help” us to make our dreams smaller and smaller and smaller until they fit into a box that is acceptable, attainable and feels safe to adults. We are told to downsize our dream until it doesn’t challenge the status quo.

So we go after these small dreams. They may satisfy us to some extent. We may enjoy the careers we choose from these small dreams.

But deep inside, sitting quietly in our hearts are our BIG dreams. Sometimes these dreams hibernate. And, if we’re lucky, something shakes these dreams awake and they start thumping and bumping and dancing around our hearts until we can’t ignore them anymore.

ENOUGH of dreaming small! It’s time to DREAM BIG, people!!