This is Hampi, Karnataka, India.

And that’s my teenage son.

He was 14 last June when we went to India. I decided to go to do my yoga teacher training. Since I was going across the globe, I decided to travel with him for a few weeks.

I knew that it would be good for him- gain some perspective, experience a different culture.

I had NO idea just how good it would be.

Like many teens, he had been looking outside himself to find who he was. He spent years reflecting his peers’ values and choices, trying to find himself.

Then we went to India and everything shifted.

He gained confidence in navigating a foreign country. He settled into his skin. His sense of self solidified. He got to know a piece of his true nature and he carries that with him still.

The unexpected benefits stir so many emotions in me. Single mom of a teenager, proud that her son knows and likes himself. Grateful that he feels his intrinsic value. Lucky to continue to learn from him.

Thank you, Owen. Thank you, India.