The Worthiness Witch is a reclamation.

I own the title The Worthiness Witch as a reclamation of my Divine worth.
I claim my place in this big, beautiful universe.
I honor my soul’s choice to incarnate in this body at this point in space and time.
I ground into the energy of the Realm of Infinite Possibility.
I hold the truth of each of our inherent worth and reflect it back to every last one of us.

I am The Worthiness Witch

Hi!  I’m Amanda Joseph. I am a practicing witch, ceremonialist, breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor, mindset coach, and a master manifestor. I’ve spent the last seven years pushing through fears and rewriting subconscious beliefs to completely transform my life. Seeing the power that lies in this journey has motivated me to support others to reach the heights they previously only dreamed possible.  

In 2016, from the outside, my life looked pretty good.  I was a single mom of an amazing son and we lived a comfortable life.  I was a special education teacher who loved her students. We lived in a fun, safe city with plenty of things to do.  

But inside, things were not as rosy. Our comfortable life involved living beyond our means and I was racking up debt every month.  I was a big-time procrastinator and had become an over-drinker. I was overweight and under-motivated. I stop putting effort into friendships and my world got smaller and smaller.  

I knew that there was much more that life had in store for me, but the prospect of digging myself out of the situation I had gotten into was overwhelming and so, I just did the bare minimum to get by and to not have to look too hard at what had gotten me to that place. In all honesty, I was miserable.

Then I lost a dear friend to pancreatic cancer.  Through his death, I reconnected to a group of friends I’d lost touch with.  As we mourned losing him, a willingness bloomed inside me- a willingness to get honest with myself and take a real look at the sources of my misery.

You heard the phrase, “You only have to change one thing… everything,” right?  Well, that was me! I set to work clearing and cleansing my life. I began with clearing out my physical space, releasing a huge amount of “stuff” that had built up that was no longer used or needed.

I changed my eating habits, moving away from boxed, processed food products and eating more locally sourced, whole foods. I took a hard look at my over-drinking and decided to stop entirely. This “numbing out” was keeping me locked in a box of misery and inaction. I started moving my body every day.  

And these outward changes started to make space for internal changes. I decided to stop spending time with people and activities that drained my energy.  I started being more intentional with what I put in my consciousness through books, music, and movies. Most importantly, I started trying new things and exploring new interests. This was a key element in my growth as I actually took the time to think about what I want to try, instead of reacting to life’s demands.  

Two things I developed an interest in and now a passion for are yoga and meditation.  I practiced beginner yoga videos at home, totally intimidated to try a class. When I finally worked up the courage to try a class, I fell in love!  I surprised myself keeping up with the pace of the class and realized that I really enjoyed learning in a group environment. I also developed a mindfulness, or meditation, practice.  This was slow to start, but the benefits that trickled into all areas of my life couldn’t be ignored.

Yoga and meditation offer a chance to be in my body, untangle myself from the constant stream of  thoughts, and connect with a deeper truth. Following these passions lead me to get my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, which included meditation, and Broga certification. Now I get to share these gifts and see the radical difference they make in people’s lives.  

In 2020, I discovered Revelation Breathwork and got trained as a facilitator.  This breathwork is an active meditation that moves any stuck, stagnant energy inside us.  This practice has been transformative.  I hold women’s breathwork circles on the Dark and Full moons.

I now live a life that makes me excited to get out of bed!  I have better relationships with my friends, my family, my son and myself.  I am grateful to live a life of purpose with intention and joy. And I am elated to get to share it with you!

I use a holistic approach that includes mindset, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, pranayama (breath control), rewriting subconscious beliefs, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), breathwork, journaling, gratitude, and consistent, loving acceptance.  

Clients who work with me experience shifts in their lives almost immediately.  Through individualized action plans, they gain confidence, increase self-love and self-awareness.  They learn to incorporate inspired action into their daily lives to move in the directions of their dreams. They appreciate the support they receive from me on every step of the journey.

I offer one-to-one and group coaching, corporate wellness, private and small group breathwork sessions, and workshops and retreats locally and abroad to assist you on your journey of self discovery.

Where are you on your journey?  How can I help you live your best life?  Contact me below or find me on social media @theworthinesswitch.
I can’t wait to hear from you!