Heart to Heart Money Club:
Communication & Wealth Expansion for Couples

Money, communication and communicating about money
are some of the biggest stressors for any couple.
Understandably so!
We come to a relationship with our own styles of communicating and ideas of and relationships with money and so does our partner.

What if all this could shift?
Where you share a common understanding and language around money, understand your partner’s communication style and needs, and actually look forward to talking about money while creating generational wealth?

How good would that feel?

Deepen into your relationship with each other and with money.

This 6 month online course includes:

  • Short weekly video lessons (20-30) to complete individually
  • Weekly Money Date with your partner
  • Exploring individual ideas about money that are getting in the way of relating
  • Learn to communicate more effectively, easily and fluidly
  • Learn the unique communication needs of your partner
  • Learn about the true nature of money, abundance
  • Transmute fears & frustrations into connection & freedom

May 19- November 30, 2024

Inaugural price

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