Mountaintop Meditation:
A Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery

October 3-17, 2020
Rishikesh, India

Are you stuck in the rut of daily drudgery?
Do you feel like there must be something more to life than your current existence?
Are you longing for a deeper connection to yourself and the universe at large?
Are you ready to meet people from around the world who share these same feelings?

If so, the Mountaintop Meditation Retreat is for you!
Join us as we travel to the source of the Ganges River in the Indian Himalayas, get back to the basics and discover true connection.

Journey to the heart of the Himalayas.  Home to yogis for thousands of years, the Himalayas are where yogic scriptures were written and the path of yogic spirituality was developed.  Visiting these iconic mountains changes our consciousness and leads to a deeper understanding of self. Visiting the Himalayas and practicing Yoga and meditation with a Master Yogi gives us a chance to come home to our hearts and sit in the bigger truth. To experience the beauty of the Himalayas and see our own selves reflected there is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

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The nature of the Himalayas is breathtaking beyond imagination. It is said that “All the darkness will be removed with the light of Himalayas.” The beauty will wake you from inside, the fresh air will breathe a new life into your soul. Dipping in the refreshing water of the source of the “Mother Ganga” River will leave you contented, calm, and serene. Simply sitting in this powerfully spiritual environment gives one a sense of Samadhi (enlightenment). The nature of the Himalayas will be our teacher and we will learn deep, time-honored truths, listening to the deepest part of ourselves.

What’s Included

  • Shared Accommodations: 13 Nights, 14 Days
  • 3 Vegetarian meals daily
  • Daily Vinyasa or Kundalini Yoga
  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Transportation in India from October 3-17
  • Kirtan and Mantra Chanting
  • Ganga Arati ceremony (Traditional ceremony along the Ganges River) 
  • Trekking (Hiking)
  • Trek Leader and Guide
  • All government taxes and permits fees
  • Porter and Horses on the Trek

Retreat Schedule

October 3: Travel to Rishikesh, settle in at Samadhi Ashram, explore Rishikesh

October 4: Sightseeing in Rishikesh, Vinyasa Yoga

October 5: Visit the Beatles Ashram, Vinyasa Yoga at the Beatles Ashram

October 6: Welcome Ceremony at Samadhi Ashram,  local sightseeing, and world famous Ganga Arati. Dinner at 7 followed by group discussion and kirtan.

October 7: Yoga, pranayama and mantra practice starting at 6 am. Visit local ashrams and preparatory practices for the Himalayas. At 5 pm we will have a group discussion regarding our trip into the mountains

October 8: Drive to Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi, also known as Kashi of the north means “Abode of Lord Shiva.” Uttarkashi city is situated on the banks of the Ganga River, lies next to Varunavat Parvat and is between the confluence of two holy rivers – Varuna and Asi. Similarly Varanasi, this city has a famous Manikarnika Ghat. In the evening we will visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva.

October 9: Breakfast in Uttarkashi. Travel to Gangotri.  Settle into the hotel and have lunch. Explore this magical town Gangotri, visit the ashrams, meditate along the river, and enjoy the evening arati.

October 10: Morning kundalini practice.  Sadhana practice unique to this area, sending peace and freedom to our ancestors. Trek to Pandav Gupha.  Evening Ganga Aarti Ceremony at Ganga temple. Ganga Aarti is your chance to receive purification and a blessing from Mother Ganga. We will sing songs in praise of Mother Ganga, acquiring her power through the fires and lamps we light. It is a beautiful moment full of transformative energy.

October 11: Trek to Bhojwasa. Leaving Gangotri behind, we will be entering another world. Past grazing donkeys and ashrams in the wilderness, we will reach the checkpoint of Gangotri National Park. With the sun’s rays bursting through the peaks, we will wind along the dusty path, underneath the mighty Himalayan Mountains towering above. It’s a panoramic paradise to practice walking meditation!
We will traverse rickety wooden bridges, past inquisitive fluffy ‘blue’ goats, walking in the imaginable footsteps of ancient times pilgrims. Just when your energy is starting to fade, there will likely be a Sadhu walking along beside you, in his humble sandals and orange robe, encouraging you to carry on!
Lunch in Chirbasa.

October 12: Morning practice in Bhojwasa. Trek to Gangotri to rest and enjoy the spiritual environment, meet local yogis and bid farewell to the temple of Mother Ganga.

October 13: Travel from Gangotri to Rishikesh

October 14: Self-care day in Rishikesh.  Ayurveda treatment and Satsang. After a long physical and spiritual experience, the body feels different and needs some care. Our Ayurveda doctor and therapist will nourish your body with Ayurveda massage and treatment. Other healing treatments include sound healing, Reiki, shamanic healing, yoga, and astrology.

October 15: Yoga & Closing Ceremony at Samahdi Ashram in Rishikesh.

October 16: Vinyasa Yoga & free day in Rishikesh

October 17: Travel from Rishikesh to Delhi, return home

Guru Vishnu

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi has been steeped in spiritual endeavors since childhood. As a young boy, his grandfather advised him to meditate and pursue spirituality from an honest and pure perspective.

At the young age of 15 years, Vishnu became a member of Muni Samaj, a school of meditation. At age 18, Vishnu met Vedanta Keshari Swami Niranjanji, popularly known as the “Lion of Vedanta”. For two years, Vishnu studied under him.

During his early 20’s, Vishnu faced his greatest challenge thus far. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. The only treatment for his condition was open heart surgery. There was no money at home for the procedure until he had awakened. Feeling like he was reborn as a new person, Vishnu made a sankalpa (vow) to passionately serve humanity in every way possible.

Vishnu started on his new mission by organizing many medical camps, spiritual discourses and bhajan programs in the nearby villages, serving mostly the poor and underprivileged in the Odisha state of India.

Vishnu eventually made his way to Rishikesh and visited the caves of the Himalayas. There, one sadhu baba, a yogi, introduced Vishnu to the teachings of Swami Rama. This was an extremely transformative period of time in his life full of much learning and experience.

The yogi also provided a cave for Vishnu to meditate and, while sitting inside one day, Vishnu heard movement and sounds behind him. There, positioned on the upper ledge of the cave, was a fierce-looking cobra. Vishnu tried his hardest to keep his composure and not succumb to his fear. Instantly, he heard a whisper come from within him saying, “I’ve come to release your fear, not increase your fear.” It was his inner voice.

Eventually, Vishnu had to leave the yogi. He was ready to join the Gurukulam (a spiritual school) and be under the close guidance of Swami Veda Bharati. Vishnu taught at the Swami Rama Institute of Meditation and Inter-faith Studies for 9 years and obtained his master’s degree in Sanskrit and in yoga.

Yogi Vishnu has been traveling and teaching spirituality inside and outside India for many years. He’s completely appreciative of his experience in life so far. Now, he is deeply dedicated to guiding students to experience a unique and spiritually nourishing life journey all their own.

Pricing & Details

October 9-23, 2019


All accommodations are shared rooms.

A $1,444 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. See Cancellation Policy below.

Arrival & Departure:  All guests will fly into Delhi no later than October 2, 2020.  Transportation from Delhi airport is covered in the cost of the trip.  All guests return flights home must be scheduled for 11 pm October 17, 2020 or later. We have a list of our recommended hotels for pre and post retreat accommodation.

Check-In: We will begin check-in at Samadhi Ashram in Rishikesh at 11 am on October 3, 2020. If you’d like to purchase additional nights before and/or after your retreat please inquire with an Adventure Rising team member via email. Check-Out is 8 am on the final day.

Cancellation Policy: $1,444 nonrefundable deposit is required to book your space. All payments are nonrefundable but are transferrable to a future retreat if a personal or family emergency arises and you have proper documentation. Email Amanda for payment plan options at

Price Includes: 13 nights accommodation, 3 meals per day,  transport to and from Delhi, all classes and workshops, transportation to and from all activities.

Not included in package price: Your flight. The Adventure Rising staff will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.

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