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When I decided to take my teenage son to India for three weeks, I knew it’d be good for him.  Good for him to experience another culture, gain some perspective from a country that varies so much from our cozy middle-class city.  What he gained was so much more than that.

He gained a sense of self, he settled into his skin in ways that I never could have predicted.  He gained confidence navigating a foreign country, in finding common ground with people who did not share a language, and in his intuition to guide him.  At fourteen, going into high school, this was invaluable.  As a parent, I got to sit in the marvel of seeing my son expand into young adulthood.

Being a teen in America nowadays is tough.  They are dealing with things that we as parents never had to think about.  The levels of anxiety, stress and overwhelm are at an all-time high.

I’ve worked with teens for over twenty years and have seen this shift.  And seeing the impact international travel had on my son was all I needed to shift priorities and develop these retreats.

Whether you have a great relationship or strive to relate to your teen, whether your teen is thriving or struggling, our retreats can help.

Hampi, Karnataka, India

June 2020

All Inclusive Retreat

Take in the sights, sounds and smells of India!  Experience a different culture alongside your teen.  See the world through their eyes and see them grow in front of yours.  This trip will create memories for a lifetime and your teen will gain self-confidence that will carry them through their teen years and beyond.  This trip is not to be missed!

India is an incredible country with so much to see!  We will take an iconic train ride from Goa to Hospet and travel by rickshaw to our guesthouse outside of Hampi.  Mowgli’s offers comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that both parents and teens will enjoy.  It is truly a taste of the real India!

We will explore the Ancient Ruins that Hampi is famous for, visit small villages across the river, take a bouldering class, visit the secret Hampi swimming hole, and watch the sunset from the Hanuman temple atop Anjaneya Hill.  Parents and teens will each have workshops, time to connect in groups as well as family time to wander around the Hampi bazaar.  Teens will lead the trip to Anjaneya Hill.

What’s Included

  • Private Accommodations per Family: 7 Nights, 8 Days
  • 3 Meals Daily
  • Vinyasa Yoga Classes
  • Scooter Rental
  • Daily Meditation Practice
  • Communication Workshops for Parents
  • Communication Workshops for Teens
  • Train Transport to Hampi
  • Rickshaw Rental in Hampi
  • Ancient Ruins Visitors Pass
  • Trip to Hampi Swimming Hole
  • Portable Wifi to stay connected

Pricing & Details

June 2020

$1,888 per person

All accommodations are shared by family and include a private bathroom.

A $1,111 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. See Cancellation Policy below.

Arrival & Departure:  Guests should arrive in Goa by 6am.  Return flights must be after 10 pm.

Cancellation Policy: $999 nonrefundable deposit is required to book your space. All payments are nonrefundable but are transferrable to a future retreat if a personal or family emergency arises and you have proper documentation. Email Amanda for payment plan options at amanda@theworthinesswitch.com

Amanda Joseph

Amanda has over 20 years of experience facilitating groups in a variety of settings.  She is a mindset coach and master manifestor.  Her passion is inspiring people to do what inspires them!  She is a parent, licensed teacher and has worked with teens for over 20 years.  She has seen firsthand how international travel and conscious time with parents impacts teens and is grateful to facilitate this for other families with teens.

Owen Beasley

Owen attends South Eugene High School in Eugene, Oregon.  He has two half-sisters, three dogs and three cats.  His first trip to India was in the summer of 2018.  He fell in love with Hampi for the sights, food, atmosphere, and time driving a scooter. His experience in India impacted his life in numerous ways and he is excited to share this with other teens.

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