Reclaiming Abundance:
A Wealth Consciousness Women’s Circle

Are you sick of feeling stressed about money?  

Is fear of money running the show?

Are you locked in the illusion of scarcity?  

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

10% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity of the Circle’s choosing!

You’ll never look at money the same again!

  • Discover the subconscious beliefs holding you back
  • Rewire limiting patterns
  • Learn why it’s important for you to have lots of money
  • Take away practical tools to manifest more money in your life
  • Create a love affair with money
  • Transform fear into freedom with your new money mindset
  • Awaken to your wealthy self!

Your wallet can’t wait any longer.

Amanda Joseph, Mindset Coach & Master Manifestor
Elizabeth Suzanne Shapiro, LCSW, Therapeutic Ritualist

Join us Saturday, March 23rd, 9:40am-4pm 

$88 with advanced registration, $100 at the Yurt
410 Sunnyside Dr.
Eugene, OR 97404

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