Welcome sisters, witches, and wise women.
Welcome LGBTQ+, non-binary, and gender fluid identified folx.
Welcome to the anxious, scared, and doubtful among us.
Welcome to those who feel unworthy, underserving, and unlovable.
Welcome to those doing their best to navigate this human journey.
All are welcome here.

I see you. I see your light and your dark. ALL of you is welcome here, every last bit.

I know the truth of your Divine worth and I will reflect it back to you always.


Amanda Joseph
The Worthiness Witch

I have dedicated the last seven years to transforming my fear to break through self-imposed limitations. My journey has included many facets, healing modalities, and multiple countries. All of the work involves unearthing feelings of unworthiness, wrapping them in love and releasing what no longer serves me.  I am humbled in gratitude to share this with you, holding space for your inherent worth as you learn to hold and own it in your life.
Read my story.

“Amanda has pushed me with her authentic truth speaking nature to want more out of life! This woman has helped me break down walls I didn’t even know were there, and has run some much-needed interference when I go backward in my progress. Thank you, Amanda, for the gifts that continue to appear through your guidance.”

Janene W.

“I was nervous to start something new that I had never experienced before. Going to Amanda’s classes has been such a wonderful experience.  I now have a safe, fun environment to learn and grow. Holistically, I feel more grounded and relaxed after each class.”

Vicki G.

“Amanda has facilitated the unique space in which real, lasting transformation has occurred in so many areas of my life.  She has a palpable and grounded presence that is immediately apparent. She asks extremely straightforward, thought-provoking questions that seem to extinguish self-doubt right there on the spot.”

Janene W.


Real life experiences. Practical tools. Instant camaraderie.

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