Amanda is a truly gifted and passionate coach, and I feel so lucky to have worked with her. I met her through the YES women’s workshop that she co-created, and found that her unique combo of no-nonsense real-talk mixed with kindness and belly-laughs were invaluable in cutting through the bullshit of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my BIG dream. She asked thoughtful questions that helped me get to the root of my life’s purpose, she listened compassionately to my worries, fears, and dreams, and she helped me create goals that felt practical, attainable, but at the same time were a HUGE stretch outside my comfort zone. In order to help me stay on track in reaching my goals, she’s made sure I have systems in place to keep me on track, such as a daily meditation practice, a daily check in and goal setting practice, and lots of support from my fellow sisters. Since working with her I have felt holistically calmer, more centered, I have a higher and more constant sense of self worth, and I have more confidence that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. She took my big dream and brought it out of the clouds and into reality through a combination of humor, drive, truth-telling, compassion, and love and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Janene W.

I could easily write an entire essay about the great fortune I had to have met Amanda.

She has facilitated for me the unique space in which real, lasting transformation has occurred in so many areas of my life.  When I met Amanda, I was pretty lost and out of touch with how to mend the many loose ends in my life.  I had dreams of a better future, but those dreams just felt plain out of reach.  I was swimming in self-doubt, I lacked the courage to move forward in my work and relationships, and I was stuck in unhealthy thought patterns that were keeping me trapped in a cycle that really could never foster the way of life that I knew I wanted. It was not ideal… at all.

After I met Amanda, I could tell instantly that I would learn a great deal working with her.  She has a palpable and grounded presence that is apparent right away.  In fact, probably anyone who meets her can pick up on it immediately. It is with this presence, combined with her incredible attitude of non-judgment that has convinced me that she is a true advocate for the human spirit.

I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable sharing my doubts and fears with anyone before, and part of the reason, I believe, is that she truly “gets it.”  She has never even flinched when the worst of my clutter has been out on the table. Instead, she asks extremely straight forward, thought-provoking questions that seem to immediately extinguish the self-doubt right there on the spot. It is through answering these questions that I found out more about myself and what I truly want in my life than I thought I was ever capable of. This approach has allowed me to cultivate and anchor my sense of self: where my values are clear, my directives are authentic and my goals are attainable.

With this confidence, I have made critical adjustments to my way of interacting within the world around me.

She has pushed me with her authentic truth speaking nature to want more out of life! This woman has helped me break down walls I didn’t even know were there, and has run some much needed interference when I go backward in my progress. This has provided me such crucial support to continue to grow, which I’ve come to see as a wonderful privilege.

She weaves in crucial life skills that I’ve needed to move forward, like perseverance, integrity, and trust- life skills that I learned about in theory growing up, but rarely consciously applied in my day-to-day.  Developing these skills has afforded me the opportunity to move forward with passion and purpose, and inevitably success in any area I have applied them.

Amanda has coached me through creating healthy boundaries with people, which has improved my relationships immensely, uncover my self worth and personal dedication to my goals, and given me practical tools to look at life through an entirely different lens that focuses on personal responsibility, and vulnerable and direct honesty… which is all nothing short of miraculous.

Amanda has helped me look at my career goals and meaningful projects in achievable steps, instead of setting myself up for disaster, or worse, letting these goals stay as distant faraway fantasy, where I never even take the first step toward them.

Well now, I am on the move. I have gained an enthusiasm about my future and a deep-rooted joy and confidence in gifts I have to share, and the life I choose to lead. I am anchored in the invaluable truth that there is great joy and wonder in the process of redefinition, and though stagnancy and fear come along in the process, it is up to me to push through it and trust that the next right move is already in view.

Thank you, Amanda, for the gifts that continue to appear through your guidance.